Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starting to Look Like a Building Site

The Integraspec system has arrived, among a whole bunch of other stuff. This is an insulated concrete form system that when assembled and filled with concrete will give us walls with an R-22 value before the outside sheathing goes on.

 Our contractor, Ben, assembling some of the foam blocks to show how a corner goes together.

Meanwhile, Back in the Workshop...

The new addition will have a full basement built into a hill, with the front door at walk in ground level. I have been building these brackets from local cedar to support a roof over the door. More on these parts and pieces later...  
Here is a sign I'm working on with the letters rough cut out with the router, to be finished with carving tools. The curved edge was a challenge because I didn't trust myself to do a clean line freehand. I made a guide for the router by clamping my metal ruler to a board cut to the same curve, then clamping the assembly exactly the right width away to guide the edge of the router.                                     

Farewell to the decks..

Thanks to our friend Bob the old decks are dismantled. Eventually we'll re-use the lumber for a small storage barn.






Let the Wrecking Begin...

Seasong Cottage...our idyllic holiday rental cottage, quiet retreat for many a family over the past 13 years. Many barbecues and campfires later, many starry nights with families watching the moon rise over the Bay of Fundy....Our guestbooks are filled with their anecdotes, treasures found upon the beach, hikes along our coastal trails, souls refreshed and renewed.
But now an update and expansion is imminent, in the planning stages for the last year. Seasong will double in size, will have a LOT more windows to the sea, and a covered deck among other improvements.