Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodbye to the old house front..

So glad to see this going and the space opening up to join the new living room! The floor framing of the kitchen ceiling and loft area all rests on the wall framing that surrounds the old front door, which in turn is supported by the old basement wall, which we tied in to the new ICF basement wall last fall. So something creative will have to happen to safely offer support with a minimum of the old wall having to be kept. A lot of this project we kind of figure out and make up as we go...

Here Ben is working on the partition wall between the living room and new front bedroom and studying how to install double pocket doors.
Ta-da ! I love these doors, they travel whisper quiet and so smooth. I also love them because they were such a bargain at the Re-Store, bevelled glass and frosty designs. All I had to do was paint them, that was last fall, seems like eons ago.

I've been working on crackfill and paint in the 2 old bedrooms that have become one bedroom, and fiddley jobs like filling in the raggety holes left in the hardwood floor where the wall framing once was.

And when I opened this can of paint for the little bathroom it was definitely a "What was I thinking" moment. Hoping when the toilet and vanity move in there, it won't be as awful..

It was a nasty surprise to find the basement floor gravel was 2 inches to high to accomodate the under slab foam insulation and we had to cancel the pour that was to happen a few days ago. It was right last fall, levelled off to a chalk line all around the footing. But over the winter the frost heaved up the compacted gravel , so we had to hire this guy to shovel it out. Eventually we found the buried chalk line marks. Never never build in a Canadian winter !! The concrete pour is now scheduled for next monday.

Ben is tackling the shingling between other jobs.
Here he has started on the band of pointy shingles that will encircle the house. It seems so long ago I was cutting these on the table saw.

I really like the look of this...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weather is now officially closed out..

Last of the windows going in..Heights make me really nervous, even when I'm safely on the ground looking up.

Heavy heavy windows, but they had a good system for getting them up in place, one platform at a time.

Big relief to get the last one in. No lifters and no windows fell.

There's the cedar brackets I made last fall, Ben has them in place over the basement door.

Trying out the trim boards..There will be a band of white topped by a thin blue/green strip circling the house between the basement and main floor.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Windows going in..

Great ! The windows are going in! We'll soon be able to close out the wind and enjoy the sun streaming in. Today was a good day, I went into Saint John to track down a sale on semi transparent blinds and found a 40% off sale PLUS buy two , get one free, so I saved a bundle and I am a happy camper.
Ben will have the asphalt roof shingles finished tomorrow on the last side of the main roof, so things are moving right along.

The new little bathroom is now sheetrocked,  and the new pantry is having it's crackfill layered on readied for sanding and maybe painting over the weekend.

 Probably my least favorite job...SO time consuming.
This is the pantry with the trap door to the basement.