Saturday, December 21, 2013

Here comes the Christmas deadline..

It's been a 2 steps forward -one step back kind of week (or maybe the other way around) with really nasty weather, snow load upon snow load and constant digging out and driveway clearing with worries like "Is that building supply truck going to make it up the driveway ?"
The main floor wall forms are almost finished, so on monday the openings will be cut out for the windows, the bucks installed to keep the concrete in place, wall bracing the final pour can be done just before the cement company's deadline of tuesday noon. That is if anyone can get to the site after the next 30 hours of freezing rain and ice pellets!
Christmas has almost taken a back seat here with all the building busyness, but sometimes you have to leave the worries alone and do something fun and silly...
Like dress up your chickens for Christmas !

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