Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back at it..

Finally, a decent day to work outside! Since the last post we have had three snowstorms, a week of -23C to -26C bitter cold, followed by a freak temperature spike of +13C, accompanied by torrential rains complete with thunder and lightning (in january !), and then today a return to freezing cold which has caused the driveways to turn into solid very slippery ice. At least the heavy burden of ice from the Christmas week ice storm has melted off the trees.

The ICF forms for the main floor took a beating in last nights gale. You can see where a chunk has blown out above. With all the horrible weather and holdups we haven't got to the cement stage yet. The guys have spent a lot of time digging out the building supplies and foundation wall ..(numerous times)
All the blueskin is on ready for backfill, which was brought in a couple of weeks ago and since buried by several snow dumps.
Here is the backhoe doing some tricky backfill in a tight spot at the back.

A nice neat job.....but things were going too well. The backhoe machine broke down and we will have to wait til next week for parts and or repairs, still a septic tank and some deck support posts to go in.

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