Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We did it ! Seasong is now hosting guests...

The carved house name is at last in place over the basement door. I have built one rock retaining wall, and after the other side is done, next is a brick pathway to use up the old bricks I've been collecting forever.


                                                                 The last 2 weeks before
                                                                 the arrival of the first 
                                                                guests on july 5, was a

      mad scramble of long long days of work by our dedicated tradespeople, and our wonderful neighbors, who pitched in with cleaning, painting, decorating, moving furniture and endless tidying.              

SO many last minute preparations, we never would have been ready on time without all the generous help, and they all deserve a party, come fall when the house is freed up.

Boys laying brick for a landing to the mudroom stairs
Cedar bench in the mudroom
Future site of a built in window seat

Enlarged bedroom with ensuite


cedar planter I built for the deck


mudroom entry looking in
Mudroom entry looking out

French doors to the front bedroom
View from the old section
Roomy new front bedroom, looking out to the deck
Boss-lady attaching the blinds.
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