Friday, November 8, 2013

Excavating begins..

The laminated beam is in place and fits perfectly, resting on 8" corners left at the ends of the concrete wall. What followed was a lot more jackhammering to have the wall fall out later in chunks.
But first the septic tank had to be dug out as it was sitting in the man cave-to-be and very much in the way.
With some careful lassoing and lifting with the backhoe, out she came. Nicely..all in one piece (phew).
After some careful digging we can now imagine the shape of the man cave and the art studio above. John worked on this corner first to get the water draining away down a natural ditch.
 The moment we were all waiting for... with a bit more digging, and a nudge from the bucket, the concrete wall falls out neatly. A thump from the bucket breaks it up in managaeable pieces. Big sighs of relief all round as the house stays put !
Next week the footings go in and then the walls should go up fairly quickly...

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