Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here comes the basement..

Now things are really moving along ! Mike from down the road stopped by to help and the three guys got these forms up in no time. Mike is gaining experience for his ICF project in the future and friends are dropping by to check on progress, with their own ICF home building in mind for the spring. This energy efficient process is getting more popular all the time.
Ben and Adam are figuring out the window and door spacing in the front wall. Easy to make adjustments at this stage..If a window seems to high, just cut the form down.

The back corner, showing the old drain attached to the new and a post formed under the old footing that will fill when the walls are filled with concrete. I took this pic before the foam walls were leveled and braced. The forms are now snugged up tight to the front LVL beam.
Bracing is in place and todays work will be under cover, probably insulating the old basement walls as we have a major storm coming with 50 to 100 mm of rain forecast. We could well get an unwanted swimming pool in the new basement...

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