Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cement trucks at last !

A lot of tasks out of the way to this point. Here is our electrical guy with the power company crew moving the mast/electical entrance over a few feet so it will clear the new roof configuration. Inside, the electrical box is being upgraded to 200 amps.
Wonderful to see the cement trucks roll in today! We had to cancel them last week as ice buildup was discovered in the ICF walls and it was too cold for the calcium carbonate treatment to make much headway.
Ben brought in a construction heater which he aimed into a hole in the foam wall form, and to suck up the meltwater he McGyvered together an 8 foot pvc pipe to the hose of a wet/dry vac. Worked like a charm!

So first they filled the voids under the window bucks.

 Then Ben trowelled them off smooth,

and screwed on pieces of pre-cut OSB on top of the wet cement.

The rest of the walls were filled from the top with the guys up on the staging. Then the anchor bolts were set into the concrete  for bolting on the top plate next week.

The 3 sono tubes that will support the deck and the 2 that will support the mudroom were filled with concrete and steel brackets placed in the wet concrete to later receive the 6x6 posts.

We are so glad to have this all out of the way with the next crazy ice and snow storm barrelling up the coast towards us tomorrow night and friday !

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