Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lots of progress this week...

It's been a loooooong hard Febuary with way too much bitter cold and countless snowstorms, 3 of them came all within 6 days, so we are very glad to see March. On top of weather holdups, Ben fell off the icy steps and injured his arm so was out for a week recuperating.
This week he built the floor frame for the side mudroom entrance, and with 2 more helpers, all the trusses are up and the gable end closed in for the main floor bedroom.This roof will meet the living room cathedral ceiling at a right angle.

Here is the old roof overhang being cut off in pieces to make way for the first cathedral roof truss.
..and the first truss being manuevered into position, on the ICF wall at this end, and at the other end they will rest in joist hangers fastened onto the first perpendicular truss.

As each truss goes up, Ben measures and braces it in place. This roof is obviously thicker than the old roof. This will allow for a lot more insulation. Farther down the road we can add insulated panels to the old roof to bump up the R factor.

Feeding the next truss trough a window hole, and flipping it up into position...

more to come tomorrow..........

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