Monday, April 14, 2014

Well Spring has finally shown up...sort and there...
The ice storm was much worse than the one at Christmas, our yard was littered with big branches from the linden trees and we lost a huge old spruce and most of the old willows came crashing down. It was several hours work with a chain saw guy to get it all chunked up for firewood.

The indoor work is coming along, where the wall between the 2 bedrooms is now gone and the stud walls in place for the new bathroom and pantry. This (left) is the pantry space, and below is the new half bathroom to the right. The missing strip in the floor is where the wall used to be, but we can patch in some oak flooring .

Outside this week is more foggy, rainy blah weather but the guys are on the roof anyway.
More of the roof and mud room is covered and today they are framing up and covering the deck roof.

Today I am working on the shelving that will go in the pantry.

I love my biscuit joiner ! The shelving unit will have a fixed shelf in the middle and 3 or 4 movable shelves on pegs. This is one of  2 units. The next step is a pine face frame.
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