Sunday, March 30, 2014

Climate gone crazy..

We are the country that spring forgot! What a winter to try to build a house !  Last wednesday was the worst blizzard in 20 years, with howling winds and incredible snowdrifts. Here is the pattern of snow left one our window by the swirling wind.
And this is just an uncivilized amount of snow to land at a time we should be seeing bare ground.

Here is a little bit of hope and cheer from my greenhouse where I have to go now and then so as not to lose my mind.

Between weather events Ben got the extra truss moved up into place where you can see two sets of doubled ones here, to accomodate a future chinmey.            With the next storm upon us, there is inside work to do turning 2 of the old bedrooms into one larger one with a small half bathroom for the bedroom and a pantry for the kitchen.
That means a lot of sheetrock coming down to move walls, create new ones, and accomodate plumbing and electrical. This is going to create a big roomy space, just have to imagine beyond the mess.    Today, after a blessed day of thawing,  there is a vicious ice storm upon us, everything is coated and the trees are bending over with their weight of ice.  The bathtub and water jugs are filled, oil lamps ready, hoping the power lines don't go down...                                                          

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