Friday, March 7, 2014

Moving Right Along...

Today the guys got the rest of the living room cathedral trusses up and the side sheathed in where the bedroom roof meets up with the living room roof. There were problems to solve along the way, such as the original building being a little off the 8/12 pitch and the truss company making the cathedral trusses 4 inches too small. You can see they dont come to the edge of the wall on the left, where they should. Also something was wrong with the rafter tails and they had to be cut off, but my problem solvers say they can build the parts out to where they should be.

This wasn't the best day for roof work with a brisk wind blowing, but they got one whole side sheathed in..

and the small and smaller trusses in place to join the two roofs together.

So happy !
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