Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mudroom is added..

Still working around snowstorms that can mess us up for half a week, but the mudroom entrance is now framed up.
There will be a 3 foot roofed landing with the final steps going the other way when they get to that stage.
Another snag sorted out...Because there are no bearing walls, the cathedral trusses are closely spaced at one foot apart. (On the right side they rest in joist hangers fastened to the tripled scabbed together truss set going the other direction.) Eventually we will want a wood stove, but the chimney needs a 14" space between the cathedral trusses. So we ordered another truss which arrived yesterday. One truss will have to be moved over and joined to it's neighbor and the new one inserted to join the next one over, so we have a wider space created, but strengthened by double trusses.

Here is Ben yesterday, sheathing in the back side of the roof over the bedroom extension. Today we have pouring rain and strong winds, not a roofing day..but at least we won't have to shovel it.
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